Saturday, 10 September 2016

Book Randomness with Audio Books

All of you who know me will know that I have a great love of books. And when I say books I mean actual physical 3 dimensional books, that I can smell and feel and touch; and whose pages I can turn savouring every detail of the story both on and off the page.
Admitting defeat due to the stupid weight restrictions that airlines and holidays now impose on us was barely tolerable, and meant that I had to resort to the newly popular (at the time) kindle. I loathed the small digital book. And still stubbornly brought several of my own books, using it as a last resort in case my own physical friends didn't last me long enough. Given my speed of reading, this was sadly a frequent occurrence.
With time, and by time I mean a good 10 years, I learned to love the little digital replacement and now never leave for any journey (short or long) without it. And if I'm going on a nice looooong holiday I make sure its electronic shelves are stacked with plenty of kindle-books for me to enjoy and I am not bound by the limitation of the laws of gravity, weight and plane fuel!!!

Now, my very good friends and avid readers themselves started to go to yet the newer dark side: the audio book! And encouraged me to try it?!!!! Madness, I told them. I swore up and down that audio was not for me. That I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own character's voices in my head and did not need some randomer doing it for me and potentially with the wrong accent to boot! I mean, what if the poor sod doesn't respect grammar?! Nope absolutely not. My ears are for music only, not audio books. And that was the end of that matter, 4 years ago. My dearest friends have not touched the subject since as they know what's best for them.

In case you hadn't noticed I'm just a little reticent to change and don't easily convert unless I have absolutely no other option, my life is in danger and am bored stiff. You might think that I exaggerate but I assure you that I tell the utter truth!!
At the beginning of 2016 I moved to live near Southampton, but have kept my job up near Guildford. Yeah not a great commute is it?! For those of you who do not know the lay of the land that's an hour commute each way, providing the traffic is in your favour (which isn't often!). My whole family and friends were worried sick about me driving this considerable amount of time both ways after a 13hr shift, especially if said shift is a night shift. I reassured them that with some good music and cold air I would be fine. They didn't believe me, but knowing my stubborness they left me to it. 
7 months later and a fair few "almosts" (where I had sort of glazed over and might have ended up in not quite the right lane) that had my mother giving me an absolute ear full I decided to try something else. I also decided to apply for a job closer to the new home (yes I know it's the most logical thing to do but I encourage you to re-read the "i'm a little reticent to change" paragraph). I'd heard a lot of good things about the Harry Potter audio books read out by Stephen Fry. I'd been meaning to re-read these for ages but time kept getting away from me, so seeing as I had a good 2 hours in a car to fill I figured why not give it a go! It was free on the Audible 30 day trial so what was there to lose.
So, begrudgingly (veeeeery begrudgingly), I tried it out.
All I'll say is that having got to work and not finished the chapter Stephen was kindly reading to me I was sorely tempted to go round the block just so I could hear the end.
So to be honest all it took for me to discover another amazing way of experiencing books was to move a good hour away from work,  a few moments where my life flashed before my eyes and woke me up and one of the worst bollockings a late twenty year old can get. Not too bad really.

If like me you've been told about audio books and told those people to find a cliff, well you might want to think again. They're actually really good!!! I'm loving them and am currently at the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and have already downloaded Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban! Can't wait to start it!!

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