Monday, 23 December 2013

The living room is no more.....

When I relaunched my blog I decided very firmly that this was also going to be a space for me to rave and rant and generally put up book random related info :p

Well I was sat happily reading my copy of Sawbones by Catherine Johnson curled up on the leather sofa in my grandma's living room. I was then shortly joined by my french cousin who came in bearing a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. And to be honest I think I could have developed a second head for all she noticed. You have to admit, regardless of your opinion, it is somewhat of a gripping read. So there we are. Both curled up and reading away. Very happily I might add.
Not long after my other french cousin joins us taking up a spot in the armchair, reading a copy of a historical french novel of war, love, murder and intrigue. So let us count together. We have 3 readers, all reading different types of books. Now my mother joins us with her trusty kindle, reading her Lawrence of Arabia biography. The sofa by this point is full and there is only one armchair.
I would also like to add that save for my grandma and my uncle, that is the entirety of the household.
The whole situation was quite comical, and we probably would have all been laughing had we not had better things to do. Like read.
Bless him my poor uncle came in and thought he'd switch on the TV even before checking if he could sit or whether he was disturbing anyone.
I swear that the 4 sets of evils that the poor man got was palpable!!!! Never saw someone leave that fast a room of geeks!!!! hahahahahahahah!!!!

Let the reading resume!!!!!

Readers Rule!!!!!

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  1. hehe, poor guy... I would have probably been the same as you though. My boyfriend was telling me I'm a terrible host this Christmas when my sister came to visit and we were just both sat reading... he just doesn't understand!