Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gravity Blog Tour

Today the Gravity Blog Tour hosted by Shane at itching for books, stops here!


In the future, only one rule will matter:

Don't. Ever. Peek.

Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed — arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Earth will die.

Ari knows she should report him, but everything about Jackson makes her question what she’s been taught about his kind. And against her instincts, she’s falling for him. But Ari isn’t just any girl, and Jackson wants more than her attention. She’s a military legacy who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know — especially an alien spy, like Jackson. Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country, but keeping silent will start a war.


The synopsis for this book promised a novel filled with different experiences, making it a book that would be enjoyed by those seeking a mesh of a variety of genres and themes.
In truth I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but Gravity met all my unspoken expectations.

Melissa West is not one of those authors to waste time when telling a story. She cut straight to the chase sparing no time for me to catch up. Ari and Jackson were running short on time, lives  and the future of two planets and species were at stake and they had to act fast, so who was I to slow them down. Gravity was therefore a most certainly fast paced story that perhaps didn't always allow for character and plot development, meaning that twists were for the most part a little foreseeable.
But do not let this fool you, Gravity was a book that I very much enjoyed and finished in the span of a ridiculously short amount of time (just over half a day).

In a dystopian future Ari is what is known as a Legacy, a child designed and destined for a great purpose: to be the next Commander of her region of human civilisation. The reality she lives in is that of a world held together by a fragile treaty between humanity and the aliens, Ancients, allowing for a deceptive appearance of co-existance. But Ari knows better and wants her planet rid of these creatures. Driven by her father she is a strong fighter with a cunning mind ready to liberate the world. Or so she thinks.
Until one day she forgets her eye patch, and sees the alien who has been assigned to her: Jackson Locke.

The gorgeous alien turns everything she knows on its head and challenges all her preconceptions. And in a short span of time he has her doing what she never thought was conceivable: helping the enemy. Why? Because deadly truths have been hidden, reality is run by lies and two worlds, two species and two futures are at risk.

With a gripping combination of aliens, spies, betrayal, love, lies and the forever difficult task of doing what's right whilst saving not one but two worlds, Gravity was an absorbing read that kept spurring me on for more. It presented with many different facets that hold the promise that there's something in it for everyone. 

Melissa West has created a great novel as debut to the Taking series, which I will be very much looking forward to reading more of.

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A big thank you to Shane at itchingforbooks and Entagled Publishing for providing me with a copy of this lovely copy to review and for organising this great Blog Tour!


  1. The concept of Gravity has held my interest for months, and I’ve been itching to get this book. It’s not the run-of-the-mill dystopian novel that’s for sure, and it has ALIEN’S in it. :)

  2. Awesome review. Thanks for participating.

  3. I liked that this dystopian novel has to do with aliens and not some crap government that has taken over everything like so many other books are based on. I also like that the author jumps right into the action and doesn't waste time. Putting on my list! Great review, Jess!