Friday, 15 June 2012

Indebted by Amy A. Bartol visits the Royal Opera House

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visits the Royal Opera House!

Yes you have indeed read the title correctly and do not panic, no you did not miss the opportunity to meet Amy A. Bartol.

On Thursday I attended the Royal Opera House in London and had considered taking Indebted with me to read during the interval. Then Amy A. Bartol made a very ingenious suggestion to take Indebted with me! And I did!
Yeah I actually stood around holding my ipad open smiling very happily whilst surrounded by a gawking audience. I told the ogling individuals looking at me (like I was some deranged girl grinning stupidly with an ipad clasped in her hands) to get a clue and read this amazing series!!!

I probably looked like this, so you really can't blame them for thinking I was missing a few marbles --->Photobucket

Before you look at the pics below I warn you that Indebted is very photogenic but I am not, so please bear with me and completely focus on what I'm holding and the location and not the silly girl :p

Indebted meets another dummy

A big thanks to Amy A. Bartol for the great suggestion. I had such a fun time doing this! I really felt like the stewardess in Amelie Poulain who takes the gnome around the world! It was absolutely brilliant!


  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! LOVELY! SENSATIONAL! This is so amazing that I have run out of words except: THANK YOU! (Now I have to cry because that's what I do when I find really kind, lovely people like you.)

  2. Well that's just awesome!